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  1. Assistant Brewer Needed

    April 7, 2015 by Dave Seymour

    We are looking for a vibrant, creative and proactive brewer to join our Bermondsey team and get elbows-deep in hops and malts as you help us expand our collection of brews.

    In this role you will assist with day-to-day brewhouse tasks and will work closely with our brewers to receive on-the-job training.  You will be expected to get involved in processes other than brewing, such as packaging, labelling, orders and shipping, storage rearrangement and the occasional Saturday bar shift.  We are a small team, where everyone is expected to get involved and support the brewery where necessary.

    Only experienced homebrewers with a fundamental understanding of ingredients, process and fermentation, enthusiastic for the opportunity to learn, need apply.  Your interest and zeal are more important than actual brewery experience.  Above all you must be meticulous and methodical, with an eye for detail.

    We are looking for a dedicated individual who will remain with us for the long term.  As we grow as a company you will have the opportunity to take on more responsibility, be promoted and even run your own area in BBNo.

    This job is full-time, with typical working hours from Monday to Friday, 8:00-16:30, however this schedule is flexible to the needs of the brewery.

    All applications should include a CV and short cover letter and be sent to jobs[at]brewbynumbers[dot]com by April 17th.

    (Applicants with the craving to make good pour-over, filter-style coffees take precedence.)

  2. Sales & Events Coordinator Needed

    April 6, 2015 by Dave Seymour

    We are looking for an enthusiastic, imaginative person who is organised, good at multi-tasking and great with people.

    As our Sales and Events Coordinator you will take charge of brewery orders, events and social media.  As the BBNo. team is a small family, we all pitch in and happily help with everything when required; however, your main focus will be on:

    • Preparing customer invoices, packing slips and tap clips
    • Processing export paperwork
    • Responding to daily emails
    • Brainstorming and organising events at the brewery and at other locations
    • Promoting events and new beer releases
    • Leading brewery tours and chinwagging with customers
    • Managing our Tap Room and building rapport with beer-lovers
    • Interacting with BBNo. followers via social media
    • Writing blog posts with creativity and imagination
    • Making our workspace enjoyable by keeping our office tidy
    • Getting some fresh air by doing our daily lunch run
    • Packing the occasional order

    While you don’t need to be an expert in all areas of the role, you do need to have certain skills and qualities from the start… Computer literacy and creativity are essential, customer service experience is expected, and a passion for good beer a must.  You should be a vibrant, dynamic person who is especially enthusiastic about learning, as this job will provide training opportunities.

    We are looking to invest in someone who is committed for the long-term, and as our business grows, we envision your role evolving with it.

    This job is a full-time, 40 hour-a-week position, with at least one shift falling over the weekend and some evening work running events.  You’ll also benefit from the perks of an industry that hosts international beer festivals from time to time – with occasional trips to far-off lands (and near ones, too.)

    All applicants should introduce themselves by sending a CV and short covering letter to jobs[at]brewbynumbers[dot]com before April 17th.

    (Applicants already blogging about beer, food or other good things that we love will take precedence, so let us know about it!)


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