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  1. 3 Is A Magic Number Launches This Weekend

    June 26, 2015 by Dave Seymour

    3 Is A Magic Number

    Berliner Weisse is a favourite style of ours here at Brew By Numbers. There’s nothing quite like the level of refreshment delivered by a light, clean and deliciously sour wheat beer, and we’re delighted to launch a collaboration-brewed Berliner Weisse at the taproom on Saturday.

    Brewed with two wonderful Dutch breweries, Oersoep and Rooie Dop, like any of our beers this dry-hopped Berliner weisse is all about numbers: three breweries, three grains, with a pH of 3. It’s a beer that cuts sharply and quickly with lasting, mouth-puckering tartness and juicy acidity. It’s the cure for thirst.

    Through friends of ours who distribute our beer in the Netherlands, at the beginning of this year we met Oersoep – fantastic Dutch brewers with an ethos, size and influences similar to our own. We quickly decided to brew a beer together, and after lengthy email discussions we settled on a dry-hopped Berliner Weisse inspired by a few different beers we had enjoyed recently. Together with Rooie Dop, gypsy brewers also from the Netherlands, we arranged for a brew day on 30 January.

    We brewed the beer at Oersoep’s brewery in Nijmegen, in a disused industrial space that is actually set for demolition several years from now, but rented cheaply to creative industries in the mean time. Oersoep’s brewhouse is drastically different to our own: they have a continental kit built for brewing in temperature steps, unlike the typical British infusion mash process that most breweries here use. Oersoep also have a koelschip (or coolship – a wide, shallow cooling vessel where beer can be inoculated with wild yeast and bacteria) on a mezzanine floor above the brewhouse, and a brewpub next door called Stoom, where we held a tap takeover on our visit.

    The recipe uses three grains: barley, oats and wheat, and two cultures of lactobacillus were used – one which was pitched into the beer and another which was on the grain itself. Centennial hops lead the hop bill, and the result is a slick, juicy sour with intense fruit and funk flavours. The aroma has notes of hay, bread and lime marmalade, whilst the crisp and acidic palate is a razor-sharp and pulls no punches: bitter lemon, lime and tangerine quench every single tastebud.

    This weekend you’ll find the beer at our taproom, exclusively on draught. The escalation of summertime heat and humidity is no match. This summertime sour has quenching, citric tartness to the power of three.

  2. It’s back: 07|02 Witbier – Strawberry & Mango

    June 5, 2015 by Dave Seymour


    It’s been over a year since 07|02 last left the brewhouse. Brewed using naturally flavoured green teas containing dried mango and strawberry, this fruity and sweetly spicy golden beer is the definition of liquid sunshine. People seemed rather taken with it, us included, so a re-brew of this juicy and tangy wit has been on the minds of the brewing team for some time.

    Originally a pilot brew, this time around a full-sized batch was brewed for keg and bottle, and it’s the perfect beer with which to spend the hazy transition from spring to summer. It’s also a surprising beer, as the flavours are so well-defined that many people simply assume it uses whole fruit, when in fact it’s tea that gives 07|02 the bright and vibrant notes of soft strawberry and tropical mango.

    Balancing the infusion of strawberry and mango flavours in a beer style like a Belgian wit is difficult. Using whole fruit can massively affect the fermentation and balance of the beer, and we like to brew our witbiers to be clean, dry and subtly spicy. We’ve used infused teas since the early days of the brewery, as they give us far more control of the final flavours and brewing process when experimenting with our favourite beer styles.

    The tea blends we use pick out the full, soft fruit flavours in 07|02 perfectly and add a blossom-like floral dimension to its sweetness and spice. A strawberries-and-cream flavour is sharpened slightly by mango and orange peel, ending crisply on coriander bittersweet citrus.

    Now it’s back, and we’re rather pleased with the results. Ahead of its launch into pubs and shops next week, we’ll be having an early launch of the beer at our taproom this weekend. Come join us for some sunshine on tap.


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