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  1. BBNo Dine Street: Dram and Smoke Winter Feast

    November 24, 2015 by Dave Seymour

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    Friday 18 December – 6.30pm-10.00pm – 4 dishes and 4 beers for £35 per person

    For our final Dine Street of the year, we’re pulling out all the stops for an extravagant winter feast from the amazing Dram & Smoke, paired to some of our heartiest and rarest beers.

    One of the UK’s most exciting food businesses, Dram & Smoke specialises in lavish feasts cooked using a custom whisky-barrel smoker with a uniquely Scottish twist. Duck Donut with Irn Bru chilli jam and Potted Smoke Mackerel with Rhubarb Compotte and Tattie Scone Croutons are just an example of what these guys get up to in the kitchen.

    For a special one-off feast at our taproom, Dram & Smoke have put together a four course taster menu of decadently festive delights, each paired to one of our beers. We’ll be bringing out the big guns for this final Dine Street of 2015, so expect some beers you won’t find anywhere else. This is the most exciting Dine Street yet, and tickets are expected to sell out extremely quickly, so don’t miss out! Click here to buy tickets.


    We are excited to release the full menu for the evening, with Dram & Smoke’s courses expertly matched with four seasonal beers straight from the BBNo brewhouse:

    – Duck Donut w/ Irn Bru Chilli Jam 

    35|01 – Red IPA – Dr. Rudi & Pacific Jade

    – Potted Smoke Mackerel w/ Rhubarb Compote & Tattie Scone Croutons

    01|11 – Saison – Quince

    – Smoked Rump of Aberdeen Angus Beef w/ Wild Mushroom & Pearl Barley Risotto

    15|04 – Black IPA – Enigma

    – Dark Chocolate Mousse w/ Scottish Raspberries & Shortbread Crumble

    100|4 – Baltic Porter – Sherry

  2. BBNo’s 3rd Anniversary & Gyle 100 Launch

    November 17, 2015 by Dave Seymour

    Gyle 100

    FREE EVENT – 4th December – 7pm-11pm – 79 Enid Street, Bermondsey SE16 3RA

    On Friday 4th December we’ll be celebrating our third year and everyone is invited to join us at the taproom for the party! Aside from serving a range of special beers alongside some great food and live music, we’ll also be launching our Gyle 100 series: a range of barrel aged Baltic Porters that have been quietly conditioning and maturing ahead of our big day in five different barrels.

    May 2015 saw us reach our 100th brew (or ‘gyle’) on our 2000 litre brewkit – an opportunity to commemorate our progress as a brewery with a real test of our equipment, skills and experience. After some success with lagering higher-strength beer styles, we sought a new challenge, building on our experience of barrel-ageing and brewing a higher-ABV beer style we hadn’t attempted before: Baltic Porter.

    Taking inspiration from the beers that originally travelled to the Baltics as much as those made there in more recent times, the intense flavours of this robust porter are lavishly long and rounded. After a lengthy search, we obtained five barrels that we felt would best enhance the flavour profile of our Baltic Porter. We want to push the body and flavour of the style into as many different dimensions as possible, so we chose a line-up of barrels to suit the task: Bourbon, Cognac, Oloroso sherry, tequila and Burgundy red wine.

    Our 3rd birthday on 4th December will be the first chance to taste these beers, and a special collector’s edition will be available to purchase. There are only 100 packs, available at the brewery taproom only, on a first come first served basis.

    Until then, we hope to see you at the party, and celebrate our third year with some of the most complex and unique beers we’ve ever brewed. Help us out by registering your attendance here!

  3. Behind the Numbers: 08|05 Stout – Oyster

    November 13, 2015 by Dave Seymour


    Sweet meat, slickly salty brine and smooth, fathom-deep stout. One of the beer world’s ultimate pairings; fine-dining born from earth and sea. Whilst they enjoy a prestigious reputation now, oysters were once, in the words of beer writer Michael Jackson, ‘as common as peanuts’, and stout and porter were the preferred beers of England’s increasingly industrialised workforce in the 19th century. It seems hard to believe now, but oysters and stout were once as common a pairing as pints of lager and packets of crisps.

    Combining the two in the form of ‘oyster stout’ is a far more recent invention, aiming to replicate the ‘third flavour’ of saline-enriched-sweetness from the pairing. But what’s so special about oysters anyway, and why should they go into a beer?

    Oysters are strange creatures; bivalve molluscs that begin life as larvae swimming in search of a home, inside which they develop a knack for filtering out excess nutrients. It’s this ability that makes them special. Like grapes and hops, oysters have their own particular terroir – characteristics determined by the landscape in which they grow. The local water composition: minerals, salinity, even the type of microscopic phytoplankton they eat all help to decide what kind of oyster grows there, and for the diner, what it will taste like.

    Whilst it was a famously delicious combination, oysters were more likely to be used to filter beer that to flavour it. Brewing with them for flavour purposes came much later, roughly the 1930s, when they were thought to add wholesome nourishment to the beer in the same way as using lactose to brew a milk stout. Alternatively, the highly alkaline ‘liquor’ from the oysters was used to balance acidity in vatted beers that had become too tartly acidic.

    Oyster stouts enjoyed some popularity in the early 20th century but disappeared when the public appetite turned to pale ales. After a brief resurgence in the 1980s and 1990s, like so many traditional British beer styles, American craft brewing helped to properly resurrect true oyster stouts. After overharvesting and losses from diseases during their heyday in 19th century England, oysters are now seen as a rare luxury. Modern American brewers, with a view to sustainable production and environmental responsibility, have been able to reap the benefits of large, active oyster beds.

    So what do they taste like? Oysters can, like salt in caramel or chocolate, sharpen and enhance the sweetness of rich, malt-driven beers like stouts and porters. After the subtle brine notes boost the sweetness, a stout’s roast flavours smoothly clean the palate and make the drinker thirst for another sip. It’s a sublime flavour profile when balanced right, and a tantalising challenge for any brewer.

    Brewing an oyster stout had been something we wanted to do for a long time, and the opportunity to work with a producer like Dorset Oysters was too good to miss. Founder Pete Miles began the company when he struggled to get local oysters to sell in his restaurant in Poole, despite the abundance of oyster beds nearby. For our 08|05 we used five hundred Poole Rock Oysters – specifically their meat and liquor – and added them at the whirlpool stage for 30 minutes to extract their delicious briney flavour. Other brewers add oysters whole to the boil, allowing the shells to open, or add oysters to each barrel when packaging. We chose to add just the meat and liquor in the whirlpool to extract the maximum aroma, just as with whirlpool addition hops.

    To celebrate the launch of our new 08|05 Stout – Oyster, we’ll be inviting Dorset Oysters to serve freshly shucked oysters alongside our new oyster stout at the taproom on 15 November.

    John Hewitson from Dorset Oysters will be serving fresh oysters and even some oyster shots to go with glasses of the new 08|05. We’ll also be serving a range of other dark beers that we’ve reserved for the event, and a special one-off keg of 08|05 with extra fresh oysters added just before it’s tapped!

    Expect a gentle, savoury, saline note to this silkily rich, sweet and oatmeal-smooth beer, that really finds the ‘third flavour’ of the classic pairing of oysters and stout. This will be a really special afternoon, celebrating the classic pairing of stout and oysters as well as a beer that combines the best of both.


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