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  1. Behind the Numbers: 21|01 Pale Ale

    June 21, 2016 by Dave Seymour


    There aren’t many breweries who find themselves releasing a Pale Ale after three and a half years, and after brewing twenty-five other different styles in a variety of recipes, but here we are, releasing our first ever Pale Ale. Why now, and how did we get this far before releasing one?

    We brew and explore beer not just by style and by recipe, but also by experience. With each new flavour, texture, success, hardship, we learn; and with every piece of learning we take a step further down a path, sometimes leading us far from our first steps. After discovering our love of Belgian styles re-imagined with new world hops, antipodean-style Golden Ale, Porter, Berliner Weisse and India Pale Ale each provided their own range of flavours and hop combinations to explore. Later, Session IPA quickly became one of our most well-known and explored styles for the same reasons.

    As a variety of traditional and modern styles presented themselves as opportunities, ‘Pale Ale’ simply did not appear on the schedule. However, we’ve recently made such substantial and lasting improvements to our hop-forward beers across the board that we felt we could apply that experience into making our first Pale Ale to the standard by which we now measure all of our pale and hop-forward beers.

    The timing feels strangely appropriate. Drinkers are increasingly discerning, and with an ever-increasing number of producers in London and in the UK, there are simply no excuses for releasing a sub-par beer in the current climate, especially in a style as popular as Pale Ale. With what we have learned from brewing other pale and hoppy styles in the past few years we believe we can now release a pale ale to match the range of excellent examples available right now.

    Our first recipe, Galaxy & Mosaic, pairs powerfully juicy hop varieties from the United States and Australia, serving up soft, pulpy sweetness of mango, pineapple, and guava, with a dry, crisply balancing, grapefruit-bitter edge. Though it may not be seen by some as a style worth getting excited about, it is most certainly a style worth getting right from the very first recipe and expressing it to its full potential.

    21|01 is also a first of a different kind for us: the kegs on general sale are all conditioned in tank and force carbonated, rather than in the keg. As you might know, we give almost all of our hoppy beers a four-month shelf life from the date of packaging. Unlike keg-conditioning, which can take 2-3 weeks from packaging, we are able to release the force-carbed beer much closer to its packaging date (yesterday!). We hope this will mean more people have the opportunity to enjoy 21|01 as fresh as possible. The beer itself is exactly the same – unfiltered and unpasteurised –  minus the extra priming sugars for carbonation required in keg and bottle-conditioned beers.

    21|01 Pale Ale – Galaxy & Mosaic will be available from this Friday at the BBNo taproom from 6pm, as well as on tap at a small number of other pubs and bars from Friday onwards, including:

    The Duke’s Head, Highgate

    The Hop Locker, Southbank Centre Food Market

    The King & Co, Clapham Common

    The Other Room, Bermondsey

    The Rose & Crown, Kentish Town

    Norwich Tap House, Norwich



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