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  1. 05|22 India Pale Ale – Hop City 2017

    March 30, 2017 by Dave Seymour

    We endeavour to be our own harshest critics, and this sometimes means making ruthless decisions about beers we’re deeply looking forward to share, and indeed taste for ourselves. When those beers are ones we’ve committed to special events, the decision is even more difficult, and we have recently been forced to make such a decision.

    We regret to announce that 05|22 India Pale Ale, brewed specifically for Hop City in Leeds next month, will sadly not appear at the festival. 05|22, and several other unreleased beers in tank, have been affected by issues we can attribute to what we believe is a bad batch of yeast.

    Our concerns about the batch of yeast have been shared with both our supplier and other breweries, and evidence suggests a number of breweries, particularly in the London area, have experienced similar problems to us.

    The issues we have had, including but not limited to unusually high attenuation, have had numerous unfortunate knock-on effects in the brewhouse and on our production schedule. Whilst we believe some of the beers affected (05|22 IPA included) may be able to be rescued, given work and additional conditioning time, the resulting beers will no longer be the ones we originally envisioned. Others have been affected more severely and have regrettably already been disposed of, having failed to meet our standards.


    Stepping in: 05|21 – India Pale Ale – Azacca & NZ Cascade

    We’re very disappointed to not be able to bring 05|22 to Hop City, but as we grow we place ever higher demands on the quality of our beer. Furthermore, we knew that this festival deserved only the very best hoppy beer we could bring. To that end, our freshest and most recent IPA – 05|21 with Azacca and NZ Cascade, packed on 13th March – will be going instead. Most importantly, it will still be tasting at its best when it is served at the festival.

    We remain extremely excited to be at Hop City and hope to see you there!


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