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  1. Upcoming Farmhouse Series Releases

    April 28, 2017 by Dave Seymour

    We’ve got two new exciting entries in our Farmhouse series of mixed fermentation beers – here’s a little about them and where to find them:


    Our 18|06 Farmhouse – Pear Saison uses pear juice from Oliver’s Cider & Perry.

    18|06 – Farmhouse – Pear Saison – 6.0% 

    A Saison brewed with low colour Maris Otter, wheat, spelt and oats, and simple hopping of East Kent Goldings in the boil. This was then blended with 300 litres of pear juice from Tom Oliver (Oliver’s Cider & Perry) and fermented with a mixed culture of our house saison yeast and selected Brettanomyces strains.

    The pears used (Butt Pears) have moderate acids and tannins that produce fruity, slightly astringent flavours when used in perry. After the Saison yeast finished its work, the Brett has been left to shape the body of the beer gradually, harmonising the contrasting flavours and textures.

    A rich, warming pear flavour coats the palate, lifted by a crisp, prickling carbonation and dry saison character. Delicate spice and herbal notes accentuate the fruit, ending with an assertive dry finish and lingering pear note.

    18|06 is pouring at our tap takeovers at Taphouse in Copenhagen and The Pilcrow Pub in Manchester this weekend, and we’ll be giving the beer its proper UK release soon on draught and in 750ml bottles.


    18|07 Farmhouse – Table Saison

    18|07 – Farmhouse – Table Saison – 3.6%

    This table saison was brewed with low colour Maris Otter and small amounts of oats, wheat and rye for texture and body. Saaz hops went in the boil, and coriander, lime and grapefruit zest for spicing. This was fermented with a mix of our saison yeast and Brett in tank.

    Whilst remaining extremely light in body and crisp in texture, there’s a surprisingly depth of structure to this low-ABV saison. Soft fruit notes including strawberry and peach find their way into the Brett-forward aroma, while the palate is sharp, clean and delicately layered with spice and grain notes. It’s equally enjoyable as a simply refreshing beer; or as a complex farmhouse ale to be explored and savoured.

    18|07 is on sale at the BBNo Taproom this Friday and Saturday, and at our events in Denmark this weekend. Available on draught and in 750ml bottles.

  2. BBNo x Bleecker (April Fools!)

    April 1, 2017 by Dave Seymour

    BBNo x Bleecker – Burger Pale and Burger Stout

    We’ve done some great collaborations with people outside of beer, from Nanban and Hawksmoor to Workshop Coffee and HasBean. Finding partners who care as deeply about their creations as we do is what makes these collaborations worthwhile – and unique. We approach each of these partnerships with the earnest aim to create something that is as much them, as us. In that spirit, our latest collaboration with the award-winning Bleecker Burger meant taking a step into new and exciting territory – incorporating their delicious burgers into two new exclusive beers.

    After exhaustive planing sessions and recipe design meetings, we eventually found a way to respect both partners’ processes and sincere belief in all-natural ingredients giving the best and boldest flavours. This video explains all. Get the beers from Bleecker Spitalfields, Bleecker Victoria and the BBNo Taproom while stocks last!


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