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  1. BBNoLocal

    February 22, 2018 by Dave Seymour


    BBNo Same Day Local Delivery

    From Friday the 23rd of February we will be offering same day, cold and free delivery of beers directly from our Brewhouse to your desk. Allowing you to try our new brews on release day, even if you can’t get to our Tasting Room.

    We’ve teamed up with bicycle courier service Pedals to allow you to order a choice of cases of twenty-four bottles or twelve cans delivered for free to your office by 5pm Friday.  We can also deliver you a single mixed six pack for a £4 delivery charge. We’ll even have merch available!

    We’ve chosen Pedals as our partner in this venture as, after detailed talks, we are confident that they share our commitment to delivering our products in their peak freshness. All beers will be delivered upright and cold. This will not only allow you to enjoy the beers as soon as it gets to the office but also ensures that you receive them in perfect condition. As all beer will be delivered by bicycle couriers, we can also get the beer to you quickly with zero emissions or congestion.

    To get beer delivered directly to your desk, all you need to do is put in an order online any time up until 12pm on Friday for delivery that afternoon.

    Unfortunately, as all beers will be delivered by bicycle, we do have to limit our delivery locations to within Bermondsey (SE1), Tower Bridge (SE1), Shoreditch (E1) and the City of London (EC1). If you work in any of these areas, you can order your first beers any time up until 12pm tomorrow. To start, we will be trailing this service on Fridays but are looking to expand this in time. Click here to order!

  2. New Vacancy: Office and Sales Administrator

    February 19, 2018 by Dave Seymour

    We are looking for a highly-motivated and extremely well-organised person to take on a crucial role at heart of our growing business.

    Candidates for the role of Office and Sales Administrator must be enthusiastic and dedicated, able to multi-task and manage multiple workstreams in a small and busy team. For full job description, please click here.

    If you would like to apply for the role of Office and Sales Co-Ordinator, please send applications in the form of a CV and covering letter to

    Application deadline closes March 5th 2018.

  3. Hobsons Collaboration

    February 16, 2018 by Dave Seymour


    Our collaboration with Hobsons brewery represents a link between my previous life as a farmer in Herefordshire and my current role as Co-Founder & Managing Director of BBNo. Hobsons are a significant player in the beer scene, with over 25 years of brewing experience. They produce some of the best traditional cask ale in the Herefordshire/Shropshire region; this was the beer I drank as a reward after a long week’s toil on the farm!

    Hobsons also use local Marris Otter barley, malted by Thomas Forcetts and grown on the farm I grew up on, which is still managed by my father Stuart. Our collab was brewed at Hobsons using this barley, along with some wheat and their traditional British House Ale yeast.

    It was produced using the modern craft brewing techniques and ingredients I’ve acquired from my time spent in the industry. We mirrored a New England water profile with a 1:1 sulphate to chloride ratio, a 30 min hop stand post boil at 85c and heavily hopped with Citra whole leaf. We also dry hopped the beer using Mosaic Cyro powder – a new processed form of the famous hop that is used by both ourselves at BBNo and some of my favourite US and UK breweries.

    It’s unfined, so it’s 100% suitable for vegans.

    Although this was only a small batch of 50 firkins, we are lucky to receive a pallet of casks to serve in our Tasting Room and distribute locally. We will be tapping the first cask tomorrow (Saturday)! I hope you get to try it.




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