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  1. Behind the Numbers: 55|09 – Amarillo & Loral

    September 4, 2018 by Dave Seymour

    For our latest Double IPA, we’ve gone back to basics. We were pleased with our last two releases in the series, 55|07 which was fermented with grape juice and 55|08 where we added coffee during the dry hop stage, but we feel like the additions shifted the focus away from the fundamental character of a DIPA. So, for this next batch, we’ve decided to go back to the simple thing we love about this style; big, juicy hops, dry and drinkable.

    Our 55|09 is hopped with two very different US hop varieties, an old school star Amarillo, which we’ve been particularly enjoying recently for the orange spice notes it gives to our pale beers and Loral, a relatively new strain parented by European Noble hops, infusing a subtle herbal, slightly earthy character alongside its citrus-like tropical US flavours. We have kept 55|08’s simple malt bill for this beer as we loved the flavour of 55|08 and wanted to see how it would hold up as a clean beer without the coffee infusion. The grist is made up of marris otter malted barley, with flaked oats for a heavier protein character giving the fullness and haze we all know and love! This allows the combined hop character to shine through, with big flavours of orange, mango and peach with a dry finish. We hide the bold strength of 8.2% by cold conditioning post dry hopping.

    We’ll be launching 55|09 at Leeds International Beer Festival today and will be pouring it at our festival appearances over the next few months. It will also be pouring in the Tasting Room Friday 7th September from 1pm. We’ve included a 20 litre homebrew recipe below if you want to give it a crack at home! We look forward to hearing your thoughts!


    Team BBNo


    Homebrew Recipe – 20Litre


    OG: 1.082

    FG: 1.011

    Target ABV: 8.2%

    Mash Temp: 66C

    Total Mash Time: 1h20m

    Efficiency: 76%

    Water profile:

    Alkalinity: 80 ppm for HCO3 (London water adjusted with lactic acid, CaCl and CaSO4).

    Chloride: 150 ppm

    Sulphate: 200 ppm

    Malt bill:

    Low Colour Marris Otter: 4.37kg

    Flaked Oats: 750g

    Invert Sugar: 500g (3rd day of fermentation)


    Boil (1hr15): 40g Amarillo Pellets

    If using pellets instead of Cyro Hops, double all amounts below!

    Whirlpool @ 80c* – Amarillo Cyro Powder 98g

    – Loral Cyro Power 50G

    * We liquor back using cold treated water to achieve 80c whirlpool temperature.

    Dry Hop:

    At 1.020, 22c: Amarillo Cyro Powder 100g

    At FG: Amarillo Cyro Powder 100g

    Loral Cyro Powder 100g


    S-04 pitched at 19C then left to ferment at 19.5C, let temp rise up to 22c after gravity has dropped below 50% planned attenuation.

    Reduce temp to 18c for final dry hop then 15c for diacetyl rest. Once complete, drop down to 1c .

    Transfer to secondary and cold condition @ 1c for 2 weeks.

    Force carbonate to 2.5 Vols for keg CO2 and serve.



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