All beers carrying this mark have been brewed on our pilot kit. Click to find out more.

Hobsons Collaboration
16 Feb 2018


Our collaboration with Hobsons brewery represents a link between my previous life as a farmer in Herefordshire and my current role as Co-Founder & Managing Director of BBNo. Hobsons are a significant player in the beer scene, with over 25 years of brewing experience. They produce some of the best traditional cask ale in the Herefordshire/Shropshire region; this was the beer I drank as a reward after a long week’s toil on the farm!

Hobsons also use local Marris Otter barley, malted by Thomas Forcetts and grown on the farm I grew up on, which is still managed by my father Stuart. Our collab was brewed at Hobsons using this barley, along with some wheat and their traditional British House Ale yeast.

It was produced using the modern craft brewing techniques and ingredients I’ve acquired from my time spent in the industry. We mirrored a New England water profile with a 1:1 sulphate to chloride ratio, a 30 min hop stand post boil at 85c and heavily hopped with Citra whole leaf. We also dry hopped the beer using Mosaic Cyro powder – a new processed form of the famous hop that is used by both ourselves at BBNo and some of my favourite US and UK breweries.

It’s unfined, so it’s 100% suitable for vegans.

Although this was only a small batch of 50 firkins, we are lucky to receive a pallet of casks to serve in our Tasting Room and distribute locally. We will be tapping the first cask tomorrow (Saturday)! I hope you get to try it.




5th Anniversary DDH Pale Ale
1 Dec 2017


— 5th Anniversary DDH Pale Ale —

To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we’ve brewed a Pale Ale using five of our favourite hops in double the quantities we would normally use. Mosaic, Simcoe, Wai-iti, Galaxy and Citra all contribute to the intensely tropical palate of pineapple, mango and passionfruit in our first ever canned beer.

Cans have been, for us, something that we desired, but were never in any rush to get our beer into. As with every aspect of the business, we are very concerned with keeping things not just within our reach, but within our grasp. Cans often help to sell hoppy beers faster, but it’s not entirely as simple as that.

Our motivation to brew 5th Anniversary DDH Pale Ale and release it in a can was twofold:

  • brewing something special that would stand out in every way, packaging included; and
  • applying everything we’ve learned about brewing great hoppy beers from trips to breweries in the UK, US and elsewhere.
ddh can

— Can artwork by Jonah Schulz —

We’ve always tried to stay ahead of the curve where possible, particularly in regard to East Coast-inspired hazy hoppy beers and our mixed fermentation projects, but we weren’t interested in getting our beer into cans  just for the sake of it. We know that not all canning solutions work as well as hoped, and we have tried to be patient for the sake of the beer. Our duty of care to our beers and the people who drink them is paramount.

The solution we found – brewing the beer here, then having it tanked and shipped to Fourpure to be packed on their amazing canning line – gave us the level of control we wanted and the added expertise of an experienced partner with the best equipment. We’re deeply grateful to Fourpure for their guidance and help with this project.

Our 5th Anniversary DDH Pale Ale launches today here at the brewery, on our online shop here, and almost everywhere in the UK that stocks our beers. We hope it’s a reflection of where we now are as a brewery, and what lies ahead for us.




— Hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe, Wai-iti, Galaxy and Citra —


New Vacancy: Junior Media & Events Manager
21 Nov 2017


BBNo 1 B&W

This is an exciting time for BBNo and we are looking to welcome a new member to our team, who will play a key role in shaping the future of our brewery and culture. We’re on the lookout for a creative and talented individual to manage our social media platforms, create and publish new content, and engage with customers on a daily basis. As an integral member of the BBNo team, you will share responsibility for planning, coordinating and attending key events at the brewery, around the UK and overseas.

The successful applicant will play a part in developing the BBNo vision and implementing a shared plan through clear objectives. Please click the following link to view the job description for the role of Junior Media & Events Manager.

If you wish to apply, please send a CV with a covering letter to before 6th December, with “Junior Media & Events Manager Application” in the subject heading, and address your applications to Chris Hall.


Brew By Numbers’ 5th Anniversary
14 Nov 2017

5th anniversary

– We are Five! –


2017 has been a huge year for Brew By Numbers. In craft beer, every year can feel hectic, but 2017 has particularly packed. In the brewery itself, we’ve increased our capacity and hired more employees. Just a few arches down, we have installed 5° Celsius cold storage in our warehouse, and opened our new Tasting Room. If that wasn’t enough, we have exhibited at more festivals than ever, in over ten different countries, and hosted the first UK Uppers & Downers coffee beer festival with Good Beer Hunting. As the year draws to a close, we have an even bigger milestone approaching.

December 1st marks our fifth birthday, and we are having a three-day celebration at our brewery and Tasting Room, from 1-3 December. We’ll be launching five new beers, including a special 5th Anniversary beer (more news on that very soon!). The new releases represent the breadth of some of our favourite styles of beer, and nod towards the future, too. Look out for news of these periodically as we get closer to the event.

BBNo 5 Colour

On Friday 1st, our actual birthday, we’ll launch all five new beers and have more special treats in store. We’re ticketing Friday’s party at the Tasting Room to help manage attendance and ensure a pleasant evening for all. Tickets are free (NOW SOLD OUT), and grant you entry to the Tasting Room at 75 Enid Street on Friday 1st from 6pm. If you don’t have a ticket, we cannot guarantee admittance in accordance with our license.

UPDATE: To ensure that as many people as possible have a chance to celebrate with us on the 1st, we will now be opening both 79 (our original brewhouse taproom) and 75 (the new Tasting Room) for our 5th Anniversary Party. All five birthday beers will be pouring in both arches. Whilst tickets for admission to the Tasting Room have now sold out, no ticket is required to celebrate with us in the brewhouse taproom at 79.

We’re also delighted to announce that our friends at Bleecker will be back, serving their incredible burgers.

Saturday 2nd will see our Tasting Room open as normal, with the full line-up of birthday beers, plus a changing line-up of all the specials we can find.

Sunday 3rd is going to be a special, chilled-out Birthday afterparty, with a healthily stocked tasting menu of birthday beers and rarities from our stash.

Keep scrolling for details on the birthday beers as they are packed…!





ddh can


To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we’ve brewed a Pale Ale using five of our favourite hops in double the quantities we would normally use. Mosaic, Simcoe, Wai-iti, Galaxy and Citra all contribute to the intensely tropical palate of pineapple, mango and passionfruit in our first ever canned beer.

55|06 – DOUBLE IPA – GALAXY & MOSAIC – 8.2%

Galaxy and Mosaic are both known for their potently tropical and savoury properties, and putting them in contest with one another brings out the best of both. Punchy peach, mango, allium and apricot notes soak the palate with every sip of new Double IPA.


A particularly fruity heirloom varietal from Ethiopia, Mokonisa adds notes of melon, lychee and black tea to our latest collaboration with Workshop Coffee. Expect a rich, chocolatey body with roast, berry and soft fruit notes.

11|27 – SESSION IPA – AZACCA – 4.2%

A dank, dry and funkily tropical expression of our Session IPA recipe, highlighting recent hop release Azacca. Orange, lime and pineapple flavours feature with resinous oily edges and a crisp finish.


We aged an witbier with orange juice and zest in Spanish red wine barrels to create this zesty and funky release in the Farmhouse series. Acidic juiciness, drying tannins and a rounded, fruity yeast character create a light yet complex farmhouse ale.

BBNo 13 Colour


London Beer City 2017
2 Aug 2017








For the fifth edition of  London Beer City, we’re hosting and appearing at more events than ever! Here’s everywhere you will find us:


3rd: LBC Opening Party at Mason & Co – We’ll be there launching our LBC South Pacific Pale collab with Fourpure and Wimbledon!

4th-6th: London Craft Beer Festival – We’re pouring four beers at every session, with our new #BattleofTheBeerShops Double IPA collab with Hop Burns & Black, our latest releases and some festival specials!

4th-6th: Tap Takeover at The Colonel Fawcett, Camden Town – Seven taps of our latest beers will be pouring all weekend at this hidden gem of a gastropub in Camden Town. Look out for specially chosen pairings with dishes from their menu.

8th: Murk ‘n’ Cheese – Beer and cheese pairing here at the new BBNo Tasting Room; tickets available here!

9th: BBNo x Hawksmoor dinner at Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar – An evening pairing four delicious courses to four BBNo beers (tickets now sold out)

10th: Battle of the Beer Shops Final at Mother Kelly’s – All nine collaborations between London beer shops and London breweries will be pouring at Mother Kelly’s (Paradise Row) for the Grand Final. Vote for our 55|05 Double IPA – Citra & Ella brewed with Hop Burns & Black!

11th: Tap Takeover at Bleecker Burger (Victoria) – Taking over the taps at Bleecker’s new joint and pairing 5 of our beers to their incredible burgers!

12th: LBC Closing Party at Five Points – Taste the best of Tottenham, Bermondsey and Hackney at the LBC closing party, with BBNo beers on tap and tutored tastings!

13th: Brew-niversity at BrewDog Shepherd’s Bush – We’re the special guests at a special edition of the bar’s Brew-niversity tutored tastings, all about amazing yeast!


Now Open: The BBNo Tasting Room
1 Aug 2017

tasting room2

The new BBNo Tasting Room is now open at 75 Enid Street.

Change is a constant here at BBNo, and not just in what we brew – there have been quite a few changes here across the business recently that we’re quite excited to share.

In the brewhouse at 79 Enid Street, we’ve just installed a new 4000 litre FV and started double brewdays to help us meet demand for our hoppy beers. As the brewery has grown, so too has our appreciation for what it takes maintain high standards throughout production.

When we took on the tenancy of our second arch at 75, just over two years ago, it was an empty shell. We were in serious need of storage space at that time, as we welcomed more and more people in our taproom, and initially 75 functioned purely as warehousing. We then built a partition wall, to use the rear 30% of the arch as a warm room for conditioning our beers, which at the time were all keg- and bottle-conditioned.

After the installation of our Meheen bottling line and bright beer tanks, we were then able to force carbonate our hoppy beers and release them as fresh as possible. As our focus shifted to preserving the intense hop character of these beers, in which we already invest so much in terms of ingredients, expertise and tank time, it became clear that cold storage was a necessity, not a luxury.

This need became apparent at the same time as the desire to expand the brewery and evolve the BBNo Taproom, into something worthy of the compliment so many people pay us by visiting each weekend. First, a mezzanine floor was installed in 75 for our office to move up to. Next, a further partition wall was built, to allow us to use the middle 30% of the arch as cold storage (at an average of 5 degrees Celsius), which is now installed and operational.

We have been excited to see our friends and colleagues at The Bottle Shop and elsewhere investing in cold storage, and we firmly believe that the dedication and resources applied to the making of highly-hopped pale ales and IPAs must equally be applied to the storage and distribution of these beers.

Our cold storage will now also function as the ‘cellar’ for the new BBNo Tasting Room, taking up the remaining 40% of floor space at the front of 75 Enid Street. This is the evolution of our Taproom into what we hope will be the best possible experience of our beers. Lines run directly from the cold storage section to the ten taps at the bar, ensuring our beers are at peak condition for every visitor. As before, we will always release our freshest beers on Friday, but also feature special edition beers from our Pilot Series, Tasting Room exclusives and more.

Moving from a weekly-built taproom to a fixed Tasting Room in a dedicated space presents many other benefits. Initially we will be keeping the same opening hours, but with a view to extending these in the future. We’ll also now be able to host more events here, including our beer and cheese pairing evening on 8th August during London Beer City, and the UK’s first Uppers & Downers Festival with Good Beer Hunting on 13th September.

Meanwhile, 79 Enid Street will remain open to visitors for the time being, although in the long-term this will become a retail-focused Brewhouse Shop for sales of bottles (individually, in mixed packs, or by the case), merchandise and potentially growler-fills in the near future. This will be implemented later in the year.

We soft-launched the new Tasting Room space last weekend, and it will now be open every Friday and Saturday. We’ll continue to tweak and improve the space for the next couple of months, so please bear with us as we work on delivering the standard of experience you, our guests, deserve.




Vacancies: Tasting Room Manager & Bar Staff
19 May 2017


Tasting Room Manager

Brew By Numbers (BBNo) is at an exciting stage.  Having come through our start-up phase, we are looking ahead at the challenges and opportunities an established brewery faces.  One of which is to reinvent the popular BBNo Taproom, as well as introduce new products and methods of service.

With many exciting opportunities, goals and prospects ahead, now is the perfect time to get on board and join the team.  The successful applicant will play a part in developing the BBNo vision and implementing a shared plan through clear objectives. Below is a link to download the job description for the role of Tasting Room Manager:

Tasting Room Manager JD

If you wish to apply, please send a CV with a covering letter to before 31st May, with “Tasting Room Manager Application” in the subject heading, and address your applications to Chris Hall.

Bar Staff

We’re also hiring for new bar staff to work on Fridays and Saturdays. If you’ve ever wanted to work in craft beer, this is a great chance to get involved in a small, growing business and get experience and knowledge about a wide range of beer styles. Our Taproom will soon be evolving into something new and exciting, with lots more opportunities for events and in-depth staff training.

If you’re interested, send an email to listing any relevant experience, with the subject heading “Bar Staff”, addressed to Tiki Murray.


BBNo @ Paris Beer Week
11 May 2017


Find us at Paris Beer Week this Friday and Saturday.

From the early day of Brew By Numbers we have been excited to observe and be part of a growing craft beer scene in France, so it’s a real pleasure for us to be involved in the 4th Paris Beer Week this year, thanks to our importer Quentin at DBI (! This Friday 12th and Saturday 13th May we’ll be in Paris at a few different events, and we’re hoping to sample the very best of French beer and food while we’re there.

Here’s a list of where we’ll be and links to the event pages:

Friday 12th May

Brewing Workshop at Brew Unique, 1pm – 6pm

Paris’ public use brewing space welcomes us for a brewing workshop. Meet Chris and Andrew and use the BBNo numbering system to generate some beer recipes!

Tap Takeover at Hoppy Corner, 7pm

After our event at Brew Unique, we’re taking over six taps at this popular craft beer cafe:

  • 01|08 Saison – Wai-iti & Lemon – 6.3%
  • 05|11 IPA – Citra & Mosaic – 6.5%
  • 08|06 Stout – Oatmeal – 5.5%
  • 11|25 Session IPA – Citra & HBC 431 – 4.2%
  • 21|09 Pale Ale – NZ Cascade & Pacific Jade – 5.5%
  • 45|01 Belgian IPA – Tettnang Saaz EKG – 6.0%

Saturday 13th May

Paris Beer Week ‘Grand Final’ Beer Festival, 12pm

You can also find us at the showcase beer festival closing Paris Beer Week, with these beers on tap over the course of the festival:

  • 01|08 Saison – Wai-iti & Lemon – 6.3%
  • 11|25 Session IPA – Citra & HBC 431 – 4.2%
  • 21|09 Pale Ale – NZ Cascade & Pacific Jade – 5.5%
  • 45|01 Belgian IPA – Tettnang Saaz EKG – 6.0%


Upcoming Farmhouse Series Releases
28 Apr 2017

We’ve got two new exciting entries in our Farmhouse series of mixed fermentation beers – here’s a little about them and where to find them:


Our 18|06 Farmhouse – Pear Saison uses pear juice from Oliver’s Cider & Perry.

18|06 – Farmhouse – Pear Saison – 6.0% 

A Saison brewed with low colour Maris Otter, wheat, spelt and oats, and simple hopping of East Kent Goldings in the boil. This was then blended with 300 litres of pear juice from Tom Oliver (Oliver’s Cider & Perry) and fermented with a mixed culture of our house saison yeast and selected Brettanomyces strains.

The pears used (Butt Pears) have moderate acids and tannins that produce fruity, slightly astringent flavours when used in perry. After the Saison yeast finished its work, the Brett has been left to shape the body of the beer gradually, harmonising the contrasting flavours and textures.

A rich, warming pear flavour coats the palate, lifted by a crisp, prickling carbonation and dry saison character. Delicate spice and herbal notes accentuate the fruit, ending with an assertive dry finish and lingering pear note.

18|06 is pouring at our tap takeovers at Taphouse in Copenhagen and The Pilcrow Pub in Manchester this weekend, and we’ll be giving the beer its proper UK release soon on draught and in 750ml bottles.


18|07 Farmhouse – Table Saison

18|07 – Farmhouse – Table Saison – 3.6%

This table saison was brewed with low colour Maris Otter and small amounts of oats, wheat and rye for texture and body. Saaz hops went in the boil, and coriander, lime and grapefruit zest for spicing. This was fermented with a mix of our saison yeast and Brett in tank.

Whilst remaining extremely light in body and crisp in texture, there’s a surprisingly depth of structure to this low-ABV saison. Soft fruit notes including strawberry and peach find their way into the Brett-forward aroma, while the palate is sharp, clean and delicately layered with spice and grain notes. It’s equally enjoyable as a simply refreshing beer; or as a complex farmhouse ale to be explored and savoured.

18|07 is on sale at the BBNo Taproom this Friday and Saturday, and at our events in Denmark this weekend. Available on draught and in 750ml bottles.


BBNo x Bleecker (April Fools!)
1 Apr 2017


BBNo x Bleecker – Burger Pale and Burger Stout

We’ve done some great collaborations with people outside of beer, from Nanban and Hawksmoor to Workshop Coffee and HasBean. Finding partners who care as deeply about their creations as we do is what makes these collaborations worthwhile – and unique. We approach each of these partnerships with the earnest aim to create something that is as much them, as us. In that spirit, our latest collaboration with the award-winning Bleecker Burger meant taking a step into new and exciting territory – incorporating their delicious burgers into two new exclusive beers.

After exhaustive planing sessions and recipe design meetings, we eventually found a way to respect both partners’ processes and sincere belief in all-natural ingredients giving the best and boldest flavours. This video explains all. Get the beers from Bleecker Spitalfields, Bleecker Victoria and the BBNo Taproom while stocks last!


05|22 India Pale Ale – Hop City 2017
30 Mar 2017

We endeavour to be our own harshest critics, and this sometimes means making ruthless decisions about beers we’re deeply looking forward to share, and indeed taste for ourselves. When those beers are ones we’ve committed to special events, the decision is even more difficult, and we have recently been forced to make such a decision.

We regret to announce that 05|22 India Pale Ale, brewed specifically for Hop City in Leeds next month, will sadly not appear at the festival. 05|22, and several other unreleased beers in tank, have been affected by issues we can attribute to what we believe is a bad batch of yeast.

Our concerns about the batch of yeast have been shared with both our supplier and other breweries, and evidence suggests a number of breweries, particularly in the London area, have experienced similar problems to us.

The issues we have had, including but not limited to unusually high attenuation, have had numerous unfortunate knock-on effects in the brewhouse and on our production schedule. Whilst we believe some of the beers affected (05|22 IPA included) may be able to be rescued, given work and additional conditioning time, the resulting beers will no longer be the ones we originally envisioned. Others have been affected more severely and have regrettably already been disposed of, having failed to meet our standards.


Stepping in: 05|21 – India Pale Ale – Azacca & NZ Cascade

We’re very disappointed to not be able to bring 05|22 to Hop City, but as we grow we place ever higher demands on the quality of our beer. Furthermore, we knew that this festival deserved only the very best hoppy beer we could bring. To that end, our freshest and most recent IPA – 05|21 with Azacca and NZ Cascade, packed on 13th March – will be going instead. Most importantly, it will still be tasting at its best when it is served at the festival.

We remain extremely excited to be at Hop City and hope to see you there!


14 Feb 2017


Tickets now available!

NUMBERS OF THE BEASTS – A tasting of six rare and beastly beers – March 1st – 6.30pm – £20pp

For the second year running, Brew By Numbers is teaming up with Colorado’s Left Hand Brewing for a tutored beer tasting – this time with some of their biggest and rarest beasts.

Left Hand’s Chris Lennert and Brew By Numbers’ Chris Hall will guide you through a range of each brewery’s biggest offerings, including BBNo’s latest Imperial Stout and their fresh;y released new Double IPA and Tripel. Left Hand meanwhile have brought some very special bombers to the party – some not to be found anywhere else in the UK!

Your ticket gets you a generous sample of all six beers. There will be meat, cheese and bread provided by Cannon & Cannon on the night, but it’s recommended to eat something substantial before taking on the beasts!

The Beer List

– 55|04 Double IPA – Citra & Ekuanot 8.5%

– St Vrain Tripel 9.3%

– 14|04 Tripel – Hallertau Blanc 8.5%

– Widdershins Barley Wine 10.7%

– 08|02 Imperial Stout 9.5%

– Left Hand Oak Aged Wake Up Dead 10.2%

Get your tickets from Eventbrite here!



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