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Production Brewer

Due to expansion we're recruiting for a new Production Brewer, please see job summary below.

To apply, please email a CV and short cover letter to:

Job Summary

  • Raw ingredient handling, all aspects of a brew day, transferring wort/beer, yeast handling, packaging, monitoring fermentations etc.

  • Operating brewhouse with maximum attention to detail and accuracy (malt handling, mashing, lautering, proper gravities etc).

  • Yeast management (harvesting, pitching and counts/viabilities).

  • Tank management (gravity checks, trub dumps and dry-hopping).

  • CIP and sanitization on all vessels (fermenters, heat exchanger, mash tun, kettle and whirlpool).

  • Mash tun cleaning including removal of spent grain.

  • Troubleshooting, technical maintenance and by-the-letter adherence to SOP’s.

  • Organize production logs, inventory reports, packaging logs etc.

  • Contribute to Pilot-Kit recipe creation and brewing.

  • Keep online documentation of all experimental batches, providing information to senior management and the social media manager for blog posts. This may also include pictures and video media.

  • Work and communicate well across all levels of a brewery operation (management, cellar, packaging (canning and kegging), suppliers, etc).

  • Assist with the development of our QA/QC program.
  • Maintain brewery equipment as well as facility in general.
  • Keep the brew house and packing areas clean and tidy, ensure rubbish is correctly disposed at the end of each shift.
  • Record and log all relevant information both physically and online, including liquor analysis, production timings & temperatures, wort DO2, gravity & pH as required.
  • Reduce wastage/excess costs without compromising beer quality; updating senior management and SOPs to reflect any changes made.
  • Share in weekend cellaring and brewery functions outside of normal working hours.
  • Work in rotation at our mixed fermentation site in Peckham.
  • Occasional travel for beer events.


  • Discounted/free food

Job Type: Full-time