BRETT AGED | Brew By Numbers

Brettanomyces – commonly shortened to Brett – translates as 'British fungus', so named after it was first discovered when a scientist was looking into spoilage issues with some British ales. It is a family of wild yeasts that is usually avoided at all costs as it will infect a beer and impart flavours the brewer didn't intend. However, when used carefully it can provide a wide range of fruity and funky flavours, giving the beer a dryness and complexity not otherwise achieved with regular brewers yeast. This is due to Brett slowing breaking down more complex sugar chains that normal ale yeast cannot. Using Brett in a carefully controlled way allows us to impart new flavours and depth to our aged beers; ranging anywhere from pineapple to horse blanket.

All our Brett Aged beers are refermented with one or more different strains of Brett to experiment with new tastes and further evolve our understanding of what makes a certain style special.