INDIA PALE ALE | Brew By Numbers

A beer defined by its journey as much as by its brewing process, the pale, heavily-hopped and barrel-conditioned beer known as India Pale Ale became a global phenomenon in parallel to the fortunes of the British Empire. This 'wine of malt' was brewed to various strengths but always with huge hop additions to help preserve it on its tumultuous journey to India.

Modern India Pale Ale (or IPA) is mostly unrecognisable from its distant relative, and certainly doesn't travel as well. Hops are used less for antibacterial qualities these days, and more for their aroma and flavour, which can deteriorate quickly. Many modern IPAs display the fresh aromas and flavours that come from high quantities of New World hops, typically from Australia, New Zealand and the USA. At Brew By Numbers we finish our IPAs semi-dry to give a juicy flavour and light mouthfeel, allowing the hops to take centre stage.