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Taste by Numbers

Your sense of taste and smell is amazing. You can detect down to 1 molecule in 2 billion! It’s the result of a long and intricate evolutionary process - a process that started millions of years ago to help guide us towards good and nudge us away from bad stuff in our environment.

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Our first TIPA, it's all about balance...

Balance – it’s something we strive for in every beer we brew, from saisons to stouts. Often, balance in brewing means nuance and delicacy: carefully threading flavours together into something complex, subtle and intricate. Sometimes it means something very different.

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Long-time drinker, First-time Brewer.

I've been working in the Brew By Numbers Taproom for two years now. It's not like most bar jobs, and I've seen a fair few. One of its many quirks is the rotating roster of bizarre and uniquely craft beer questions I get asked on a daily basis.

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Our Brand Development Story

Collaboration is a fundamental part of what we do… As well as the usual format of working with other breweries, restaurants and craft food producers, we like to look outside our little world of craft beer.

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Public Announcement

BBNo has come a long way since it launched in December 2012, when two guys brewing out of a basement in Southwark released their first six beers...

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Yes We Can

You may have noticed we’ve been flirting with cans over the last year, first our anniversary Edition DDH Pale Ale, which led to three other mouth-wateringly fresh, double the hops goodness, canned DDH juice bombs.

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Beavertown Extravaganza

In the aftermath of our decision to cancel our attendance at Beavertown Extravaganza, we would like to offer a long form explanation as to why we feel it necessary to take strong action in response to Heineken’s acquisition of an undisclosed share of up to 49% in Beavertown Brewery.

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Uppers and Downers Festival 2018

On the 19th of May, we’ll be pouring at the second London version of Good Beer Hunting Uppers and Downers Festival, which celebrates craft beer and coffee and collaboration between the two. This festival is the ideal event for us; we’ve always been fans of exploring the elements good coffee...

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75 01 COVER

75|01 - QDH DBNEIPA - No. 1

At Brew By Numbers, we’ve always tried to keep our ranges fresh, forward thinking and experimental. And 75|01, our latest style is no exception. We’re excited to announce the release of what might be most innovative beer yet.

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Hobsons Collaboration

Our collaboration with Hobsons brewery represents a link between my previous life as a farmer in Herefordshire and my current role as Co-Founder & Managing Director of BBNo.

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5th Anniversary DDH Pale Ale

To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we’ve brewed a Pale Ale using five of our favourite hops in double the quantities we would normally use. Mosaic, Simcoe, Wai-iti, Galaxy and Citra all contribute to the intensely tropical palate of pineapple, mango and passionfruit in our first ever canned beer.

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Brew By Numbers’ 5th Anniversary

2017 has been a huge year for Brew By Numbers. In craft beer, every year can feel hectic, but 2017 has particularly packed. In the brewery itself, we’ve increased our capacity and hired more employees. Just a few arches down, we have installed 5° Celsius cold storage in our warehouse...

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Now Open: The BBNo Tasting Room

Change is a constant here at BBNo, and not just in what we brew – there have been quite a few changes here across the business recently that we’re quite excited to share.

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Bleecker April fools2017

BBNo x Bleecker

We’ve done some great collaborations with people outside of beer, from Nanban and Hawksmoor to Workshop Coffee and HasBean. Finding partners who care as deeply about their creations as we do is what makes these collaborations worthwhile...

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Brew By Numbers and BrewDog

In 2014, Brew By Numbers benefited from investment from the BrewDog Development Fund. BrewDog recently announced their stance on brewery independence, and we would like to make Brew By Numbers’ position known.

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BBNo’s 3rd Anniversary & Gyle 100 Launch

On Friday 4th December we’ll be celebrating our third year and everyone is invited to join us at the taproom for the party! Aside from serving a range of special beers alongside some great food and live music, we’ll also be launching our Gyle 100...

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