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Yes we Can
19 Oct 2018

Yes we Can

You may have noticed we’ve been flirting with cans over the last year, first our anniversary Edition DDH Pale Ale, which led to three other mouth-wateringly fresh, double the hops goodness, canned DDH juice bombs. A couple of DDH IPA’s later, and of course our summer favourite, the 01|03 Cucumber and Juniper Saison came canned and preserved for your pleasure this year.

We’ve enjoyed the freshness of these damn fine and tasty beers so much when served from a can, we’ve decided we want all of our beers delivered and presented to you in this way, closest to the freshness of drinking our beer straight out of our tanks, right here at the brewery. We want our beers to come to you as fresh as the day we packaged them. We feel that cans better serve this goal of preserving freshness for longer as there is no room for oxidisation or light deterioration.

It’s a popular debate as to which is better, Cans Vs Bottles, and although we will still brew certain styles which are best bottled, we will for the most part be moving away from 330ml bottles. In fact, we have a brand spanking new canning line coming, its so new and shiny, and big, we no longer have room for our bottling line, so that’s had to go. Out with the bottles, in with the cans.

But freshness wasn’t the only decision maker for us, environmental impact and breakages were also a big concern.

There’s significant statistics that demonstrate that cans are better for environmental sustainability then bottles;

Cans weigh significantly less per case, which reduces the amount of shipping fuel used. Cans are also more space efficient, so more can be shipped at once, further reducing transport fuel requirements.

Although glass is 100% recyclable, sadly in many areas the recycling process for cans is easier than glass, which produces an overall statistic of 70% of all cans being recycled vs 28% of all glass as of a study from a few years ago (we truly hope more glass has been recycled in 2018).

The final straw for us however was breakages, and waste. Simply put cans are far more durable then glass bottles. As careful as we all are, we’ve all dropped a case of bottles or two, even if they survive, this technically makes these cases unsellable, therefore is wastage (waste we have also immensely enjoyed #staffys).

Add the fact our delivery partner has damaged a significant percentage of bottle web orders in recent weeks, and zero can damage in the mail, there really is a no brainer for us that cans pose significantly less risk of damage and wastage and therefore are more viable for our future sustainability.

All in all, moving away from bottles and towards cans, we’re able to deliver you the freshest beer, which stays fresher for longer, we reduce our environmental impact, and reduce our damage and wastage. Is canning an overall win for us? Can we move towards a more sustainable future as a business? Yes we Can.


Behind the Numbers: 55|09 – Amarillo & Loral
4 Sep 2018

For our latest Double IPA, we’ve gone back to basics. We were pleased with our last two releases in the series, 55|07 which was fermented with grape juice and 55|08 where we added coffee during the dry hop stage, but we feel like the additions shifted the focus away from the fundamental character of a DIPA. So, for this next batch, we’ve decided to go back to the simple thing we love about this style; big, juicy hops, dry and drinkable.

Our 55|09 is hopped with two very different US hop varieties, an old school star Amarillo, which we’ve been particularly enjoying recently for the orange spice notes it gives to our pale beers and Loral, a relatively new strain parented by European Noble hops, infusing a subtle herbal, slightly earthy character alongside its citrus-like tropical US flavours. We have kept 55|08’s simple malt bill for this beer as we loved the flavour of 55|08 and wanted to see how it would hold up as a clean beer without the coffee infusion. The grist is made up of marris otter malted barley, with flaked oats for a heavier protein character giving the fullness and haze we all know and love! This allows the combined hop character to shine through, with big flavours of orange, mango and peach with a dry finish. We hide the bold strength of 8.2% by cold conditioning post dry hopping.

We’ll be launching 55|09 at Leeds International Beer Festival today and will be pouring it at our festival appearances over the next few months. It will also be pouring in the Tasting Room Friday 7th September from 1pm. We’ve included a 20 litre homebrew recipe below if you want to give it a crack at home! We look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Team BBNo


Homebrew Recipe – 20Litre


OG: 1.082

FG: 1.011

Target ABV: 8.2%

Mash Temp: 66C

Total Mash Time: 1h20m

Efficiency: 76%

Water profile:

Alkalinity: 80 ppm for HCO3 (London water adjusted with lactic acid, CaCl and CaSO4).

Chloride: 150 ppm

Sulphate: 200 ppm

Malt bill:

Low Colour Marris Otter: 4.37kg

Flaked Oats: 750g

Invert Sugar: 500g (3rd day of fermentation)


Boil (1hr15): 40g Amarillo Pellets

If using pellets instead of Cyro Hops, double all amounts below!

Whirlpool @ 80c* – Amarillo Cyro Powder 98g

– Loral Cyro Power 50G

* We liquor back using cold treated water to achieve 80c whirlpool temperature.

Dry Hop:

At 1.020, 22c: Amarillo Cyro Powder 100g

At FG: Amarillo Cyro Powder 100g

Loral Cyro Powder 100g


S-04 pitched at 19C then left to ferment at 19.5C, let temp rise up to 22c after gravity has dropped below 50% planned attenuation.

Reduce temp to 18c for final dry hop then 15c for diacetyl rest. Once complete, drop down to 1c .

Transfer to secondary and cold condition @ 1c for 2 weeks.

Force carbonate to 2.5 Vols for keg CO2 and serve.



Next Weekend in Bermondsey…
31 Aug 2018

When we withdrew from Beavertown Extravaganza Festival, we promised to organise something special around the same time in nearby Bermondsey. Our idea was not to hold a rival event, but to organise some special additional events for ticketholders to attend around the time of the festival. This blog post collects all the events BBNo and our closest neighbours will be running over the weekend….

Thursday 6th September – Nevel Artisan Ales Tap Takeover (NL)

We’ll be hosting Vincent from Nevel Artisan Ales, with 8 of their finest mixed fermentation and wild ales on tap plus more in bottles.

Nevel Artisan Ales are dedicated to producing traditional style beers through modern interpretation. They work solely with mixed fermentation cultures, which result in dry, refreshing, and complex ales. Many of their beers are aged in wine and/or whisky barrels. Their ingredients are sourced locally and organically whenever possible. We were drinking these guys’ beers at The White Hag’s Hagstravaganza earlier this summer and they’re making some absolutely fantastic tipples.

We’ll have the new kids on the burger block, Tucka Burger parked outside all night for when you get peckish!

Click here for the full tap and bottle list!

Friday 7th – Sunday 9th September @ BBNo Tasting Room

Special Opening Hours:

Thursday: 5pm-10pm

Friday: 1pm-10:30pm

Saturday: 10:30am-9pm

Sunday: 11am-8pm

All weekend, we’ll be pouring some extra special beers and new releases, including our latest recipe of DDH Pale Ale and our brand new Double IPA. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Cloudwater who will be sending us down some great beers, as unfortunately their arch is still a building site so not safe to drink in yet!

We’re offering three free 1/3rd pours of any of our or Cloudwater’s to anyone who bought a ticket to Beavertown Extravaganza (whether you asked for a refund or not) to make it up to those disappointed to not to try both of our beers at the festival. For more information and to sign up, please click here.

We’ll also be pouring some fantastic beers from some of our favourite brewers both in the UK and US. Keep an eye on our Untappd for our up to date tap list, but believe us when we’ll say there’ll be far too much choice.

On Friday and Saturday we’ll have food offerings from Freewheelin’ Pizza and Sunday Tucka Burger will be back in the house!


Other goings on in Bermondsey

2nd- 6th: Omnipollo (SE) @ Bottleshop Bermondsey

Our friends Bottleshop will be hosting Omnipollo, with a huge range of their beer appearing on tap including the notorious Omnipollo Soft Serve. For more information, visit their blog.

7th: LoverBeer Tap Takeover (IT) @ Moor Beer Vaults and Tap Room

Our neighbours Moor Beer Co have the fantastic LoverBeer taking over their taps. If you missed them out at London Craft Beer Festival, here’s your second chance! Valter makes some amazing beers, adding his own unique twist to traditional Belgium styles. They brew incredibly small batches so this is a pretty rare event to see in the UK. Valter will also be hosting a tutored tasting. For more information, visit Moor’s facebook event.

7th -14th: Modern Times Tap Takeover (US) @ Bottleshop Bermondsey

Bottleshop: Bermondsey has kicked it out the park again and air freighted over some super rare kegs from San Diego legends Modern Times, including beers never before seen outside of their taproom! They’ll be pouring from Friday 7th all the way through to Friday 14th, so plenty of time to get down to try some super exclusive beers. For full tap list, visit them here.


We’re all extremely excited to try some excellent beers next weekend at both the events we’ll be running here in the Tasting Room and that our friends are hosting! It’s shaping up to be a really special weekend here in Bermondsey; celebrating the principles of independence and collaboration that makes our little industry so special. We really hope to see you in one of the arches over the weekend!



Team BBNo


London Craft Beer Festival 2018
25 Jul 2018


In just over a week, craft beer fans will flock into town for London Craft Beer Festival 2018, held in Tobacco Docks from the 3rd-5th August. We are extremely excided to be pouring some of our latest, greatest, brand-new beers to you over weekend, ranging from super fresh, juicy IPAs all the way to the latest experiments as part of our wild fermentation and barrel aging projects.

Our festival week starts with a week-long Tap Takeover at Duke’s Head in Highgate as part of their Summer Festival; a pub who has been contributing and invigorating the craft beer scene for five whole years now. We’ll be previewing our beers pouring over the festival, and the brewing team will be in attendance on Thursday 2nd August for an informal Meet the Brewer. For more information, please click here.

London Craft Beer Festival is also a fantastic opportunity to refine our processes, learn and share knowledge with some of the breweries with respect most- both nationally and internationally. We’re very excited to be collaborating with our friends from Amundsen, with whom we’ll be brewing with next week. Stay tuned to our socials for more information on the collaboration!

Our Tasting Room will be open as usual Friday 17:00-22:00, Saturday 11:00-20:00 and Sunday 12:00-17:00 for those not lucky enough to be at the festival and those who haven’t had your fill yet. We’ll be pouring all our new launches, playing some great tunes and hosting some of the best food that the London Street Food scene has to offer.

Special Beers and Launches

26|01 – DDH Session IPA – Mosaic & Simcoe

Using the base recipe of 11|03- Session IPA – Mosaic (already generously hopped at 10g per litre!), we added 8 g per litre of Simcoe and Mosaic Cyro to the dry hop. We’re very proud of the result; a hop forward but balanced, easy boshing Session IPA. Expect an avalanche of mango, pineapple and pine needles. We’ll be pouring it all weekend at the festival and we believe it to be a perfect sessonable, in-between-y beer, and a suitable antidote to wading through some of the festival thick liquid pudding beers!

65|02 – DDH IPA – Number Two

The second in our series of Double Dry Hopped IPAs uses Ekuanot, Amarillo and HBC431. Learning from our past DDH Pale Ales and IPAs, we’ve refined our line up, showcasing a full bandwidth of hop flavours, to equally stimulate all of your taste buds. Out of all the beers in our DDH range, we love our 42|02 DDH Pale Ale – No. 2 the best so far; we think it makes the most of the hops by creating a slightly dank but still very juicy pale. Learning from this, we’ve tweaked the hops of our 65|02 to provide piny dankness, but with a side order of tropical fruity salad delivered by the new wonder kid of experimental varietals, HBC431.

65|02 is unashamedly murky, milky with lipids and oat protein, with a massive hop jamboree of pineapple, melon and lemon zest from the 3 different US hop varieties, all without the suppressive bitterness normally found in West Coast IPAs.

18|13 – Farmhouse – Sour Berry Red

If you’ve spoken to any of our brewers over the past few months, you’ve probably heard them wax lyrical about this beer. 18|13 is the latest recipe in our Farmhouse range, in which we experiment with barrel aging and wild yeasts. Originally, we wanted to explore the Flanders Red style ale but using our own processes of mixed fermentation. For this, we looked not only to legendry beers from the likes of Rodenbach, but also their latest interpretations from across the pond in the US. 18|13 started as a traditional red ale with a seven malt strong grist and a small amount of UK Brambling Cross hops in the whirlpool for bittering. We then pitched our House Saison yeast and Lactobacillus in stainless steel for a short fermentation. We transferred the beer to 3rd use Spanish red wine barrels before fermentation was finished, to ensure enough residual sugar was left in the beer for the Brett and other bugs in the wood to devour. Not content with the fruity flavour, we added cranberries to some of the barrels, in which the beer aged for 12 months before being finished in stainless steel with lingonberries and raspberries for 6 weeks. 18|13 is the result of over a year of patiently waiting and tasting until its just right, and by lord, it’s paid off big time! We really hope you get to try this one.

We blended seven of the barrels whilst a single unique fruitless one; one of our favourites; has been packaged individually. We believe we have succeeded in making a beer reminiscent of the Flanders Red style beers that we all enjoy here at BBNo, with our own personal twist. 18|13 has very light carbonation to allow the fruit flavours to flourish fully, a farmhouse Brett character and a subtle acetic tang.


We can’t wait to talk to you more over the next week about our upcoming projects and beers. See you at our stand!


Team BBNo


Beavertown Extravaganza
26 Jun 2018

In the aftermath of our decision to cancel our attendance at Beavertown Extravaganza, we would like to offer a long form explanation as to why we feel it necessary to take strong action in response to Heineken’s acquisition of an undisclosed share of up to 49% in Beavertown Brewery.

We are not against growth within the craft beer industry, nor, as some have pointed out, against taking investment to fund this growth. We have ourselves been in this position in 2013, where we chose to take investment from BrewDog’s Development Fund to help us move our brewery out of our basement and into a proper, functioning site. We bought back these shares in 2015 and have since remained a family owned independent brewery. You can read more about this decision, how it played out, and the reasons behind that in this blog post.

We are big fans of Beavertown; they have done a lot of good for craft beer and we have enjoyed taking part in events with them, including their Extravaganza last year. We understand their need to grow but are really disappointed with their choice of partner. We feel Heineken does not have the craft beer industry’s health at heart in this acquisition; they have been accused of using underhand tactics making it difficult for small breweries to compete (see Cloudwater’s blog here). Their actions and values are not aligned with ours or any other modern craft breweries we know. For this reason, we feel ethically unable to supply our beer to a festival that is in turn, helping to progress a company with these values. We are also disappointed with the lack of transparency around the deal, which has fundamentally changed the nature of the event for all its participants, leading to us, and other breweries having to make very difficult decision regarding attendance.

We are truly sorry to all ticket holders who might be disappointed not to see our beer at Beavertown Extravaganza. It was an incredibly difficult decision. However, staying quiet and sitting on the fence will make others believe these actions are OK, when they really are not. As suggested in our original statement, we hope to organise something special for those who feel let down.


Tom, Dave and Team BBNo.


JOB VACANCY: Sales Manager
20 Jun 2018


We’re on the lookout for an experienced, dynamic and entrepreneurial Sales Manager who understands the current state and the future of the craft beer industry, who is able to build and maintain strong relationships with customers in order to drive volume growth.


– A love for craft beer.

– 2+ years managerial experience.

– A strong sales background.

Working closely with the Directors, we’re looking for someone to play a key role in the future of BBNo.

For a full job description please click here. To apply, please send a Covering Letter, including a copy of your current CV stating salary expectations to by Sunday 8th July.

Alternatively, if this role isn’t for you but you know someone who would be a perfect fit, send them the details and we’ll reward you with a free six-pack if they get placed.



JOB VACANCY: Brewhouse Manager
8 Jun 2018

Illustration by Jonah Schulz

Exciting times ahead at BBNo and we’re looking for a Brewhouse Manager to help us keep up our high standards of brewing. Our Brewhouse Manager is responsible for all aspects of brewing & fermentation, management of brewhouse staff as well as maintenance in the brewhouse. Therefore, we are looking for either an experienced brewer or someone holding a related higher-level qualification. Candidates must have at least 2 years managerial experience.

Please click here a full job description. To apply, please submit a CV and Cover Letter to by 1st July.


JOB VACANCY: Assistant Tap Room Manager / Warehouse Assistant
29 May 2018

We are looking for an experienced, motivated and organised person to join our team full time; with responsibilities split between our warehouse and  tap room.

Candidates for the role of Assistant Tap Room Manager/ Warehouse Assistant must be enthusiastic and dedicated, with great customer service skills and a good knowledge of bar and cellar duties. For the full job description, please click here.

Perks include free beer, the opportunity to represent the at both nationally and internationally and a competitive rate of pay.

If you would like to apply for this role, please send applications in the form of a CV and covering letter to

We are looking to fill this role ASAP.


Uppers and Downers Festival 2018
11 May 2018


On the 19th of May, we’ll be pouring at the second London version of Good Beer Hunting Uppers and Downers Festival, which celebrates craft beer and coffee and collaboration between the two. This festival is the ideal event for us; we’ve always been fans of exploring the elements good coffee can add to beer. From our Coffee Porter range, where the collaborate with various roasteries to create robust, strong porters with all the best notes of the beans to our subtle coffee red ales and pales.

After our 21|16 Coffee Pale Ale collaboration with Round Hill Roastery for London Coffee Festival, we wanted to see if we could collaborate to push this style even further. We took inspiration from The Blended Union; Steve Georgiou from The Wigmore’s award winning cocktail, which uses the Wigmore Saison No. 1 (the first of our quarterly saisons we have created together to compliment the modern tavern’s amazing seasonal food) as a base. The cocktail won ‘Best Drink’ at London Cocktail Week in 2017.

21|17 is hopped generously with Mosaic, with grapefruit peel added during the boil. We then added honey, supplied by our friends Hiver, and mango puree during fermentation, and Round Hill’s Gigessa coffee beans after fermentation had finished. Thus, this beer stands as a four-way collaboration with a group of people and companies we greatly admire within the craft food and drinks industries. To round off the beer, we will be adding a final, optional ingredient when poured- exclusively at the festival.

The beer will be launching at Uppers and Downers 2018 on Saturday 19th May, where the team from Round Hill Roastery will also be in attendance to brew some beautiful coffees. The last few tickets are still available here and include unlimited servings of both the beers and coffee, and the event will be held in Mick’s Garage in Hackney Wick.

We hope to see you there.

Team BBNo


75|01 – QDH DBNEIPA- No. 1 (April Fools)
1 Apr 2018

At Brew By Numbers, we’ve always tried to keep our ranges fresh, forward thinking and experimental. And 75|01, our latest style is no exception. We’re excited to announce the release of what might be most innovative beer yet. 75 is our range of Quintuple Dry Hopped Double Black New England India Pale Ales. Breaking the barriers of what beer can achieve; this style is brewed using five times the quantity of hops we normally use, 1/5th Black Patent Malt and the now infamous yeast strain Conan for that delicious fruity flavour and beautiful hazy colour. Our motivation was simple; to take everything we have learnt over the past five and a half years from our trips to Belgian, US and UK breweries and use it to create something totally new and special.

There were long and heated discussions at the BBNo Headquarters about what hop bill could really do this ground-breaking beer justice. After weeks in recipe development we realised that there was only one hop that was up to the job. We decided that 75|01 should break the mould and focus on showcasing different strains of the same variety. Therefore, 75|01 is hopped with Fuggles. We added this single variety at every stage; during the mash, bittering, whirlpool, then 5x the usual dry hop (50g/l). This native hop has been hugely underappreciated within the Modern Beer Scene, despite its vast variety of uses and flavours. We thought we’d change that.

75|01 pours hazy with a huge nose of earth and wood from the Fuggles with a hit of chocolate from the malt. It boasts a beautiful array of flavours including herbs, spices, autumnal walks through dank wood with a full mouthfeel and gentle alcohol warming. It comes in at 8.8% and will be on sale in the Tap Room (one can per customer) and with Selected Retailers today whilst stocks last. Please note this beer is extremely limited and we don’t expect it to stick around long! We hope you get a chance to try it!

Team BBNo


22 Feb 2018


BBNo Same Day Local Delivery

From Friday the 23rd of February we will be offering same day, cold and free delivery of beers directly from our Brewhouse to your desk. Allowing you to try our new brews on release day, even if you can’t get to our Tasting Room.

We’ve teamed up with bicycle courier service Pedals to allow you to order a choice of cases of twenty-four bottles or twelve cans delivered for free to your office by 5pm Friday.  We can also deliver you a single mixed six pack for a £4 delivery charge. We’ll even have merch available!

We’ve chosen Pedals as our partner in this venture as, after detailed talks, we are confident that they share our commitment to delivering our products in their peak freshness. All beers will be delivered upright and cold. This will not only allow you to enjoy the beers as soon as it gets to the office but also ensures that you receive them in perfect condition. As all beer will be delivered by bicycle couriers, we can also get the beer to you quickly with zero emissions or congestion.

To get beer delivered directly to your desk, all you need to do is put in an order online any time up until 12pm on Friday for delivery that afternoon.

Unfortunately, as all beers will be delivered by bicycle, we do have to limit our delivery locations to within Bermondsey (SE1), Tower Bridge (SE1), Shoreditch (E1) and the City of London (EC1). If you work in any of these areas, you can order your first beers any time up until 12pm tomorrow. To start, we will be trailing this service on Fridays but are looking to expand this in time. Click here to order!


New Vacancy: Office and Sales Administrator
19 Feb 2018

We are looking for a highly-motivated and extremely well-organised person to take on a crucial role at heart of our growing business.

Candidates for the role of Office and Sales Administrator must be enthusiastic and dedicated, able to multi-task and manage multiple workstreams in a small and busy team. For full job description, please click here.

If you would like to apply for the role of Office and Sales Co-Ordinator, please send applications in the form of a CV and covering letter to

Application deadline closes March 5th 2018.



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