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5th Anniversary DDH Pale Ale

To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we’ve brewed a Pale Ale using five of our favourite hops in double the quantities we would normally use. Mosaic, Simcoe, Wai-iti, Galaxy and Citra all contribute to the intensely tropical palate of pineapple, mango and passionfruit in our first ever canned beer.

Cans have been, for us, something that we desired, but were never in any rush to get our beer into. As with every aspect of the business, we are very concerned with keeping things not just within our reach, but within our grasp. Cans often help to sell hoppy beers faster, but it’s not entirely as simple as that.

Our motivation to brew 5th Anniversary DDH Pale Ale and release it in a can was twofold:

  • brewing something special that would stand out in every way, packaging included; and
  • applying everything we’ve learned about brewing great hoppy beers from trips to breweries in the UK, US and elsewhere.
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We’ve always tried to stay ahead of the curve where possible, particularly in regard to East Coast-inspired hazy hoppy beers and our mixed fermentation projects, but we weren’t interested in getting our beer into cans just for the sake of it. We know that not all canning solutions work as well as hoped, and we have tried to be patient for the sake of the beer. Our duty of care to our beers and the people who drink them is paramount.

The solution we found – brewing the beer here, then having it tanked and shipped to Fourpure to be packed on their amazing canning line – gave us the level of control we wanted and the added expertise of an experienced partner with the best equipment. We’re deeply grateful to Fourpure for their guidance and help with this project.

Our 5th Anniversary DDH Pale Ale launches today here at the brewery, on our online shop here, and almost everywhere in the UK that stocks our beers. We hope it’s a reflection of where we now are as a brewery, and what lies ahead for us.