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7 Years, 7 New Beers...

It was a difficult task to whittle down to just 7 different special beers to launch for our upcoming 7th Birthday party. We started our planning of each of these special anniversary releases back in July and can't wait to share them with everyone.

At the end of a hard work week, when all the staff huddle together in our taproom to blow off some steam, tell stories and have a laugh, the imagination tends to run away with us as the night goes on. The vast majority of these conversations tend to fade away into the ether as you finish your first cup of coffee the following morning but sometimes, just sometimes, your head brewer comes to you Monday morning and says, “So, are you cooking off the bacon and making the waffles for the American Breakfast Imperial Porter or am I ?!!!”

And with that…let us introduce our wonderful 7th anniversary line up. Some are styles we are known for continuously refining and perfecting, some are our interpretations of the latest trends in the craft beer industry and some are creations from the imaginations of a Friday night get together.

BBNo 7th Anniversary, 85|TRIPLE IPA – We had such great feedback for our first ever Triple IPA earlier this year (see on Untappd) that we decided to celebrate the end of another year with a new one! We’ve taken everything we learned from our first version and proceeded to refine and enhance it by trying a different blend of malts, switching up our hop additions and giving the beer more lagering time in tank to let everything come into harmony. Clocking in at 10.9%, the beer drinks velvety smooth with a hint of residual malt sweetness due to the large amount of wheat and oats as well as the slightly higher than average finishing gravity. The single hop, one of our team's favourite Citra, expresses itself throughout the beer with lashings of mango pulp and sweet peach. This is the exploratory, modern Triple IPA personified.

42|DDH PALE ALE - NO.6 - The continuation of one our most popular, anticipated and highest rated styles, this latest DDH Pale has our largest hop additions to date. Our DDH pale and IPA series are meant to be a canvas for us to explore all things hop: unique hop combinations, different hopping rates and the latest and greatest hops that are available. Over 20 grams per litre of Cryo Citra, Ekuanot and Loral provide a complex blend of mango, peach and orange all grounded with a hint of a floral modern, noble hop aroma. Our goal in the DDH series is always to “refine through exploration”.

08|STOUT - CHOCOLATE ORANGE – A perennial favourite and another one of our most requested styles. Our answer to these requests are always the same. “You will have to wait until the end of the year!” We always love brewing this beer as it is a true mark of the season for us and probably the closest we get to a Christmas beer here at BBNo. We re-visited the recipe this year and decided to make it bigger and bolder by ratcheting everything up with 3x the amount of cacao nibs and orange peel, added at different stages throughout the process. We’ve also increased the complexity of the malt bill with no less than 8 different malts and fermented a bit cooler to really let the malt, chocolate and orange sing. Expect our best version of this beer to date.

19|GOSE - DRAGON FRUIT & PINK GUAVA - At over 200 grams of fruit per litre our latest Gose builds on the success of our 19|Gose - Mango, Guava and Passionfruit Gose which we released in July earlier this year. We hadn’t brewed this style for years but the response we had from our customers, along with how chuffed we were about it has landed it a permanent place in our brewing lineup. The lush and creamy fruit smoothie character is carried over from our July release but this time with exotic dragon fruit, pink guava and pink Himalayan sea salt. Fruity, tart, salty and extremely refreshing this Autumn rendition of our triple fruited Gose is a perfect antidote for the winter blues.

Pi|GOSE - DRAGON FRUIT & PINK GUAVA (Fresh fruit pilot edition) - When we add fruit to our unfiltered beer (and we do that a lot) the yeast goes to work on all the sugars in the fresh fruit eliminating the vast majority of their natural sweetness. For our Birthday we wanted to offer a version with all of that juicy, natural freshness still present. So the night before we'll be adding fresh Lychee, Blackberry and Raspberry. This fruit salad of a Gose will be, if we get our timings right, at peak drinking freshness for just a few hours so make sure you grab one right away!

Pi|IMPERIAL COFFEE PORTER (American Breakfast pilot edition) – Our new imperial coffee porter is a real stunner, extremely drinkable and smooth with an incredible aroma thanks to the Brazil Fazenda Santissimo beans we got from our friends at Climpson & Sons coffee roasters. On one of our recent Friday night taproom get togethers while we were tasting this beer from the tank someone asked. “Does this need anything else?” and the collective answer was “Yes, maple syrup, waffles and bacon!!".

Pi|QUADRUPLE IPA - LYCHEE – We just couldn’t help ourselves on this one! We took our 85|Triple and amp'ed it up even further; making a keg from our batch and adding a load of fresh Lychee puree! This brings it’s ABV up to 13% and adding a layer of unmistakable fruit character. While we were there, we couldn’t help adding yet more hops, this time Mosaic for even more holiday cheer!

These beers are a great reflection of our past, present and where we are headed in the future. We hope to see you all there to help us celebrate 7 years of brewing our exploratory, modern beers handcrafted in the heart of London.

Now, back to the kitchen, I think the bacon is burning! ; )

These beers will be released at our Seventh Anniversary Celebrations at our two Bermondsey Taproom's on Friday 6th December 2019.

Doors open from 2pm, we have the 7 new beers, street food, and DJ's til 1am. Free entry, come and celebrate with us.