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75|01 - QDH DBNEIPA - No. 1

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At Brew By Numbers, we’ve always tried to keep our ranges fresh, forward thinking and experimental. And 75|01, our latest style is no exception. We’re excited to announce the release of what might be most innovative beer yet. 75 is our range of Quintuple Dry Hopped Double Black New England India Pale Ales. Breaking the barriers of what beer can achieve; this style is brewed using five times the quantity of hops we normally use, 1/5th Black Patent Malt and the now infamous yeast strain Conan for that delicious fruity flavour and beautiful hazy colour. Our motivation was simple; to take everything we have learnt over the past five and a half years from our trips to Belgian, US and UK breweries and use it to create something totally new and special.

There were long and heated discussions at the BBNo Headquarters about what hop bill could really do this ground-breaking beer justice. After weeks in recipe development we realised that there was only one hop that was up to the job. We decided that 75|01 should break the mould and focus on showcasing different strains of the same variety. Therefore, 75|01 is hopped with Fuggles. We added this single variety at every stage; during the mash, bittering, whirlpool, then 5x the usual dry hop (50g/l). This native hop has been hugely underappreciated within the Modern Beer Scene, despite its vast variety of uses and flavours. We thought we’d change that.

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75|01 pours hazy with a huge nose of earth and wood from the Fuggles with a hit of chocolate from the malt. It boasts a beautiful array of flavours including herbs, spices, autumnal walks through dank wood with a full mouthfeel and gentle alcohol warming. It comes in at 8.8% and will be on sale in the Tap Room (one can per customer) and with Selected Retailers today whilst stocks last. Please note this beer is extremely limited and we don’t expect it to stick around long! We hope you get a chance to try it!

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Psssst.... This was an April Fools joke!!