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BBNo’s 3rd Anniversary & Gyle 100 Launch

On Friday 4th December we’ll be celebrating our third year and everyone is invited to join us at the taproom for the party! Aside from serving a range of special beers alongside some great food and live music, we’ll also be launching our Gyle 100 series: a range of barrel aged Baltic Porters that have been quietly conditioning and maturing ahead of our big day in five different barrels.

May 2015 saw us reach our 100th brew (or ‘gyle’) on our 2000 litre brewkit – an opportunity to commemorate our progress as a brewery with a real test of our equipment, skills and experience. After some success with lagering higher-strength beer styles, we sought a new challenge, building on our experience of barrel-ageing and brewing a higher-ABV beer style we hadn’t attempted before: Baltic Porter.

Taking inspiration from the beers that originally travelled to the Baltics as much as those made there in more recent times, the intense flavours of this robust porter are lavishly long and rounded. After a lengthy search, we obtained five barrels that we felt would best enhance the flavour profile of our Baltic Porter. We want to push the body and flavour of the style into as many different dimensions as possible, so we chose a line-up of barrels to suit the task: Bourbon, Cognac, Oloroso sherry, tequila and Burgundy red wine.

Our 3rd birthday on 4th December will be the first chance to taste these beers, and a special collector’s edition will be available to purchase. There are only 100 packs, available at the brewery taproom only, on a first come first served basis.

Until then, we hope to see you at the party, and celebrate our third year with some of the most complex and unique beers we’ve ever brewed.