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Now Open: The BBNo Tasting Room

Change is a constant here at BBNo, and not just in what we brew – there have been quite a few changes here across the business recently that we’re quite excited to share.

In the brewhouse at 79 Enid Street, we’ve just installed a new 4000 litre FV and started double brewdays to help us meet demand for our hoppy beers. As the brewery has grown, so too has our appreciation for what it takes maintain high standards throughout production.

When we took on the tenancy of our second arch at 75, just over two years ago, it was an empty shell. We were in serious need of storage space at that time, as we welcomed more and more people in our taproom, and initially 75 functioned purely as warehousing. We then built a partition wall, to use the rear 30% of the arch as a warm room for conditioning our beers, which at the time were all keg- and bottle-conditioned.

After the installation of our Meheen bottling line and bright beer tanks, we were then able to force carbonate our hoppy beers and release them as fresh as possible. As our focus shifted to preserving the intense hop character of these beers, in which we already invest so much in terms of ingredients, expertise and tank time, it became clear that cold storage was a necessity, not a luxury.

This need became apparent at the same time as the desire to expand the brewery and evolve the BBNo Taproom, into something worthy of the compliment so many people pay us by visiting each weekend. First, a mezzanine floor was installed in 75 for our office to move up to. Next, a further partition wall was built, to allow us to use the middle 30% of the arch as cold storage (at an average of 5 degrees Celsius), which is now installed and operational.

We have been excited to see our friends and colleagues at The Bottle Shop and elsewhere investing in cold storage, and we firmly believe that the dedication and resources applied to the making of highly-hopped pale ales and IPAs must equally be applied to the storage and distribution of these beers.

Our cold storage will now also function as the ‘cellar’ for the new BBNo Tasting Room, taking up the remaining 40% of floor space at the front of 75 Enid Street. This is the evolution of our Taproom into what we hope will be the best possible experience of our beers. Lines run directly from the cold storage section to the ten taps at the bar, ensuring our beers are at peak condition for every visitor. As before, we will always release our freshest beers on Friday, but also feature special edition beers from our Pilot Series, Tasting Room exclusives and more.

Moving from a weekly-built taproom to a fixed Tasting Room in a dedicated space presents many other benefits. Initially we will be keeping the same opening hours, but with a view to extending these in the future. We’ll also now be able to host more events here, including our beer and cheese pairing evening on 8th August during London Beer City, and the UK’s first Uppers & Downers Festival with Good Beer Hunting on 13th September.

Meanwhile, 79 Enid Street will remain open to visitors for the time being, although in the long-term this will become a retail-focused Brewhouse Shop for sales of bottles (individually, in mixed packs, or by the case), merchandise and potentially growler-fills in the near future. This will be implemented later in the year.

We soft-launched the new Tasting Room space last weekend, and it will now be open every Friday and Saturday. We’ll continue to tweak and improve the space for the next couple of months, so please bear with us as we work on delivering the standard of experience you, our guests, deserve.