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After completing a successful crowdfunding raise, and with all our beers from 2019 now in the can, there is just enough time to poke our heads out of the arch to see what’s in store for 2020…

New year, more beer!

About 35% more beer in fact, taking us to 5000hls net pack volume… We really need to take a big step up in production to fulfill our current demand, plus brewing an exclusive new beer for sale nationwide in a UK supermarket. We’ve just received our PO for their first order of 900 cases to go out in March - Unfortunately, we still cannot say where yet, hopefully they will let us do so before the launches in April!

Luckily, with our collective brain power, we’ve figured out a way to hit this target without needing to relocate the entire brewhouse this year, by moving some of our production to Peckham, freeing up space at Bermondsey to fit in extra double height, 5000 litre fermentation tanks, plus more room for precious storage space. These extra tanks will help us to keep our most in demand beers in stock, whilst allowing us to continue to push boundaries with our experimental and seasonal brews.

Funding cover
Funding cover

Changing times

2019 saw the further divergence of craft, with breweries producing a wide range of interesting new style bending beers. For us, the stand out was our latest 19|Gose, a classic style we original brewed back in 2015. This new wave of craft Gose sees additions of lactose and barrow loads of fresh fruit. A beer version of a Solero ice cream as one review put it. We’ve see a great response to these beers, and they sit well alongside our usual hop forward offerings, appealing to a wide audience beyond our little world of craft beer. Expect to see more of these going forward…

On the other side, our year round “clean” saisons have all but ceased production. Funny as it was a style we became know for back in 2013, being assigned to our first number 01! These days it’s really not something that excites drinkers like it used to. As a progressive brewery, we have learnt to accept the industry is always changing, and that is what keeps it exciting. It’s important to stay relevant in a constantly changing landscape - To not still be producing abacus boards in the time of the calculator! Our longer term plan for Saisons is to move them towards wild, mixed fermentations aged in oak and on seasonal fruit. We will still keeping a few of our “clean” seasonal favourites.

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Our current branding has also undergo further evolution, and for this Marty (McFly), we’ve gone back to the numbers!! All of our new specials and collaboration branding brings us back to our roots, with numerical graphics to stand apart as art, and carry through different mediums, from cans to tap clips, posters to other merchandise.

2020 taperoom
2020 taperoom

Taproom level up!

Now we have secured funding, we want develop our brewhouse taproom to offer the best drinking experience in Bermondsey, with the freshest beer poured directly from tanks of everything we brew onsite. Expect to see more news about this coming through in the following months, with a big re-launch party this spring.

Our current tasting room at 75 Enid Street will also get a makeover, with additional seating space and an extra bar up in the mezzanine area at the front of the arch. This space has the added benefit of hosting more private events, guided tastings, or just a refuge for weary travellers stopping off for a drink or 2 on Saturdays! At Peckham we are working through planning permissions to add a kitchen, serving the ultimate food to pair with a wide range of draft beers, wines and cocktails.

Further developments

Like the city capsule hotels we have found some cleaver ways to shoe horn in all of our brewing equipment into railway arches, which were only intended to provide shelter for the poor and storage when they were first built back in 1836. It is hard to see how we can make it work if we continue to produce more, without knocking through some of the arches - Surprisingly our landlords are really not up for this! So, the next stage will be to install a brand new new brewery at another site. Over the last few years we’ve spent time looking for this elusive ultimate location, complete with high eaves for brewing equipment, a kick ass space for a brewery taproom and if the brewers are lucky, maybe even a window ; ) A lot of it is really not suitable, but as fate would have it we’ve stumbled across possibly the best new brewery location in London, with taproom space right on the Thames. Whilst we are still negotiating terms, we cannot talk too much about it for fear of jinxing it, but from visiting many sites over the last few years, this is really very exciting. Watch this space, there is still much, much more to follow…

Here’s to a great new decade in beer!


Tom & Team BBNo