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Public Announcement

BBNO has come a long way since it launched in December 2012, when two guys brewing out of a basement in Southwark released their first six beers.

Along the way, people have come and gone, each leaving their mark on the brewery, its name and its beers, but few have made as great a mark as co-founder Dave Seymour, and we’re sad to say goodbye to Dave as he steps back from day-to-day operations at BBNo.

While Dave will continue to be a friend to, shareholder in and supporter of the company he helped form, he has decided it is time to move on to fulfil other parts of his personal and professional interests.

Though Dave’s creativity, drive and eye for detail were crucial to getting the brewery off the ground, he knows that Tom and his team have the skills and dedication to take the business to the next level, pushing ahead with new markets, a new retail space, canning line and fermentors, and a busy events calendar for 2019.

While we look toward an exciting new chapter, Tom and everyone in Team BBNo wish Dave all the best as he embarks on the next part of his journey.