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Yes We Can

You may have noticed we’ve been flirting with cans over the last year, first our anniversary Edition DDH Pale Ale, which led to three other mouth-wateringly fresh, double the hops goodness, canned DDH juice bombs. A couple of DDH IPA’s later, and of course our summer favourite, the 01|03 Cucumber and Juniper Saison came canned and preserved for your pleasure this year.

We’ve enjoyed the freshness of these damn fine and tasty beers so much when served from a can, we’ve decided we want all of our beers delivered and presented to you in this way, closest to the freshness of drinking our beer straight out of our tanks, right here at the brewery. We want our beers to come to you as fresh as the day we packaged them. We feel that cans better serve this goal of preserving freshness for longer as there is no room for oxidisation or light deterioration.

It’s a popular debate as to which is better, Cans Vs Bottles, and although we will still brew certain styles which are best bottled, we will for the most part be moving away from 330ml bottles. In fact, we have a brand spanking new canning line coming, its so new and shiny, and big, we no longer have room for our bottling line, so that’s had to go. Out with the bottles, in with the cans.

But freshness wasn’t the only decision maker for us, environmental impact and breakages were also a big concern.

There’s significant statistics that demonstrate that cans are better for environmental sustainability then bottles;

Cans weigh significantly less per case, which reduces the amount of shipping fuel used. Cans are also more space efficient, so more can be shipped at once, further reducing transport fuel requirements.

Although glass is 100% recyclable, sadly in many areas the recycling process for cans is easier than glass, which produces an overall statistic of 70% of all cans being recycled vs 28% of all glass as of a study from a few years ago (we truly hope more glass has been recycled in 2018).

The final straw for us however was breakages, and waste. Simply put cans are far more durable then glass bottles. As careful as we all are, we’ve all dropped a case of bottles or two, even if they survive, this technically makes these cases unsellable, therefore is wastage (waste we have also immensely enjoyed #staffys).

Add the fact our delivery partner has damaged a significant percentage of bottle web orders in recent weeks, and zero can damage in the mail, there really is a no brainer for us that cans pose significantly less risk of damage and wastage and therefore are more viable for our future sustainability.

All in all, moving away from bottles and towards cans, we’re able to deliver you the freshest beer, which stays fresher for longer, we reduce our environmental impact, and reduce our damage and wastage. Is canning an overall win for us? Can we move towards a more sustainable future as a business? Yes we Can.