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Taproom Duty Manager

BBNO is looking for a hard-working, organised and experienced Tap Room Duty Manager who enjoys working in a small team but is able to solve problems and work unsupervised. Applicants must possess a mature attitude to work and be able to plan ahead. A good nature and the ability and willingness to communicate are essential, as is the willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the highest quality at all times.

Applicants must possess knowledge of craft beer, an understanding of the craft beer market and have previous cellar management experience. This will be a physical role and applicants should expect to move furniture, kegs and cases of beer by hand, as well as moving stock with a pallet truck. Applicants will be expected to manage a small team and must be willing to take on additional responsibility as the company grows.

Duties & Responsibilities

The following outlines the roles and responsibilities of the post holder:

  • Interact with customers (including serving beer) and ensure that high standards of customer service are maintained;
  • Ensure the cleanliness, efficiency and functionality of the Tasting Room and cellar;
  • Responsibility for standards and compliance of health and safety, hygiene and security;
  • Reduce wastage and excess costs.
Supplier Contact and Customer Service
  • Provide a superior customer service at all times in person and via telephone calls and emails.
  • Attend and contribute to team meetings and share best practice with colleagues;
  • Represent BBNo at trade exhibitions, events and tastings;


  • Motivate, organise and encourage teamwork;
  • Possess a positive attitude to a busy work environment and a willingness to work long or flexible hours when required;
  • Contribute to team effort by completing other tasks as needed.

This list is not exhaustive but an indication of the roles and responsibilities of the BBNo Tasting Room Duty Manager

Code of Conduct:
  • BBNo expects all its members of staff to adhere to BBNo processes, procedures and code of conduct. Specifically:
  • Working on multiple work streams to a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail;
  • Demonstrating the BBNo ethos and approach to partners and contacts through your professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm;
  • Protecting and promoting the organisation's values by keeping critical information confidential;
  • Being a team player and contributing to the BBNo values and ethos.

In return, BBNo is committed to respecting and valuing all staff, achieving a good work/life balance, giving staff the space to learn and grow alongside BBNo and ensuring all staff play a role in developing and delivering BBNo’s vision and plans.

If you believe you would be suitable for this post please send us a letter of interest and a resume to